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Augie’s Coffee in Redlands
Handsome Coffee Roasters in Downtown LA Arts District
LAMill Coffee Roasters in Alhambra

Alana’s Coffee Roasters in Culver City at the Farmers Market
New Frontier Coffee in Culver City
City Bean Coffee in Culver City

Jones Coffee Roasters in Pasadena
Klatch Coffee in Upland
Forge Coffee in Studio City

Groundwork Coffee in North Hollywood
The Conservatory for Coffee & Tea in Culver City
Cafecito Organico in Los Angeles



Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters in Los Angeles
Jameson Brown Coffee Roasters in Pasadena
TOMO Coffee in West LA ( Sawtelle )

West Coast Roasters in Venice Beach
Trystero Coffee in Atwater Village
Lord Windsor Roasters in Long Beach

IOTA Coffee Roasters in Koreatown
Demitasse Roasting in Los Angeles
Caffe Luxxe Roasting / Il Laboratorio in Gardena

Portola Coffee Lab in Costa Mesa
Red Floor Coffee in Van Nuys


Rose Park Coffee Roasters in Long Beach
Bodhi Leaf Coffee in Placentia
True Beans in Long Beach



Goodbird Coffee Roasters in Culver City
Gavina Coffee in Los Angeles
MADCAP Coffee in Grand Rapids, MI ( collab w/ Cafe Dulce LA )

OPEN ROAST COFFEE in North Hollywood
Stumptown Coffee Roasters in DTLA Arts District
Verve Coffee Roasters ( Coming Soon to Downtown LA )

Blue Bottle Coffee Roasters ( Coming Soon to Culver City )
BAR NINE ( Coming Soon to Culver City )
Kean Coffee in Newport Beach
Golden State Coffee Roasters in Anaheim
Humble Cup in Arcadia
HAUS Coffee Hunter in Koreatown





100% Organic Gourmet single origin Coffees. Always Roasted in Small Batches FRESH DAILY!


“Usually you smell Alana’s before you see it. Hints of cocoa, berries and hot beans waft through the air, leading your nose to a small stand at the farmers market where 34-year-old Eric Stogsdill completes his wares on the spot with a hand-built roaster. His tastes tend toward Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia and Ethiopia. He describes his favorite beans like a kid in a candy store: “I prefer more nutty, blueberry and chocolaty coffees,” Stogsdill says. The Santa Monica native got his start at Starbucks before graduating to Cow’s End near Venice Pier. He also spent two years getting mentoring and advice from the master roaster at the Conservatory for Coffee, Tea & Cocoa in Culver City. Spying opportunities at local farmers markets, Stogsdill this year launched Alana’s, named for his 4-year-old daughter, as a roving operation that also provides free home delivery. What sets Alana’s apart from his vast, high-end competition is price. You get a gourmet product, a custom, on-the-spot grind, and a little education from the ever-enthusiastic Stogsdill for about $10 per pound. His hand-stamped, brown-bag finds — his selections often change from week to week — will also fill your pantry with old factory bliss.”

- Dennis Romero “LA Weekly”

Cafecito Organico

Our coffee is roasted in Los Angeles, by us, in small batches, for you. We work with out sources to ensure that their workers are treated well, their crops are not grown with chemicals, and that they use sustainable practices. We make great coffee for humans, by humans.


City Bean Coffee roasts the freshest and finest quality estate coffees available.
“Best of L.A.” – Los Angeles Magazine 1993, 1997 & 2004
The first City Bean store opened in early 1992. From day one, we have focused on product quality. We source the finest single-origin estate coffees and roast them fresh on an antique German roaster. City Bean does not warehouse any coffee; everything is done by hand to order. Our efforts have been rewarded with three “Best of LA” awards in Los Angeles Magazine and three “Best Buy” awards in Zagat Southern California, in addition to numerous articles in a variety of publications.

Most of all, we at City Bean maintain our devotion to sourcing, roasting, and enjoying the finest coffee. It is our love for coffee that makes it all worthwhile. Thank you for the opportunity to do what we love.

Conservatory for Coffee

Proudly Serving Culver City Since 1995
The Conservatory for Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa has been a thriving and vibrant part of the Culver City community for over twelve years. The Conservatory quickly became a local hangout spot that appealed to local Culver City residents as well as Sony Studios employees, who found it to be in the perfect spot for a walk and a break from making movies.
Now, twelve years later, the Conservatory continues to serve locals and visitors with the finest roasted and brewed coffee in Culver City. We pride ourselves on making perfect batches tailored not just to the standard fare, but quality roasts that speak for themselves, uniquely branded as comforting, custom blends.

Don Francisco’s

Don Francisco’s Coffee, named after our patriarch, reflects his love of coffee in every cup” – The Gavina Family
In 1962, Don Francisco Gaviña moved to the United States. His wife and children joined him shortly after in 1963, first in Miami then Los Angeles. Together, they began roasting, packaging and distributing top quality beans. The family business and reputation for quality coffees continued to grow and Gaviña Gourmet Coffees gained a national reputation.

Euro Coffee

We started as gourmet coffee merchants, and we remain gourmet coffee merchants. We are honored to roast coffee for the finest gourmet supermarket in the Los Angeles area Gelson’s Markets. We are proud to also roast for Wolfgang Puck Coffee and Pasquini Espresso. We also roast fine quality coffees for First Choice Services, one of the largest office coffee services in the world.
You won’t find CD’s, life styles or designer tips here. You will find perfect coffee, roasted the way you like it, at fair prices. We are not a public company, nor do we want to become one. Fortunately we lack the entire layer of corporate overhead which has driven prices of gourmet coffee to such astronomical levels. We prefer to spend our money on better beans, better employees and not a corporate hierarchy. We are focused on buying consistent quality green coffee, roasting it properly and packaging it while it is still warm from the roaster. We strive to provide excellent service to our customers and partners, at reasonable prices.


groundwork coffee company dates back to 1990, when richard karno decided to expand his rare book & café business by roasting his own coffee. the demand from local restaurants became so great, he began roasting around the clock. groundwork then went on to become one of the very first certified organic coffee roasters in southern california (as well as the largest organic coffee roaster in los angeles), while pioneering sustainable, relationship-based, and organic coffee sourcing.
groundwork is committed to advancing both the economic and environmental sustainability of the arabica coffee bean (it’s actually a “seed,” but bean sounds nicer!). our goal is to purchase and roast the best organic coffees from around the world, while helping to improve the lives of farmers, processors, roaster operators, and café baristas.
we mean beans our roastmaster, gaudencio j. martinez, has been with us for more than 17 years, fine tuning each roast to bring out the best in every bean.


We will make amazing coffee the way we think it should be made. Full stop.
Our way may not be for everyone, and that’s okay: we’re not making coffee for everyone…we’re making coffee for you. For those who value craftsmanship and quality over convenience and cost – we’re your huckleberry.

At Handsome, hospitality isn’t a commitment, it’s a core value. It’s not something we strive for, it is something ingrained into our genes that we couldn’t avoid if we tried.
We believe that great coffee should be simple, accessible, and amazing. The story wasn’t written just for the insiders. Accessibility doesn’t mean dumbing down coffee by offering too many options, selling out-of-season coffees or roasting darker than we prefer simply because there is demand for it. We’re kicking the stool out from under the pretension that makes enjoying specialty coffee difficult. Our menu is clear, concise and limited to excellence.
We are three world-class professionals focused on one thing. Coffee is pretty much it for us. We believe in what we source, what we roast, and what we prepare. This means we might not have as many options in our coffee bar as you find in a lot of other places, but the ones we have are stellar.

We’re going to make great coffee and be nice to you, and we promise:

You’re going to love it.


West Coast optimism leads us to believe anything is possible…
Intelligentsia now has three it calls home: Chicago—a city that is brooding, practical and reluctantly beautiful; Los Angeles—a city that views creativity as a birthright, is immensely vast, decidedly impractical and equally messy and marvelous; and New York—a city of paradoxes, hulking but chock full of intimate corners, timeless but achingly current, polished but decaying, worldly yet oddly provincial, all crashing together in perfect cacophony (or is it harmony?).
Others talk about working with coffee producers and in many cases that’s all it is, talk. Intelligentsia’s buying team cumulatively spends over 365 days each year at source. We do not just buy coffees; we actually develop them while working alongside our growers. Our coffees are unlike any others, and they are exclusive to Intelligentsia. We take insights, practices and expertise in preparation and processing garnered from our work around the globe and apply them to each of our Direct Trade coffees to make them the absolute best they can be.
We also want the growers we work with to prosper so we guarantee a price that is paid directly to them, which is set far above international fair trade standards. By combining focused attention at source with cup-quality price incentives, we continuously expand economic opportunity and culinary possibility.

Jameson Brown

A Glimpse Into the Madness
The story of Jameson Brown began in a garage of two friends who loved coffee, getting together to make their own on a hot air popcorn popper. From its beginnings, Jameson Brown bore in its roots a passion for making coffee at the highest possible level our experience would allow. There has never been a time, and hopefully never will be, when we believed we had the business figured out. Today, each batch of coffee is carefully roasted in small batches, cupped by our staff, and proudly served at our shop, over the internet, and to restaurants and offices throughout the Valley. Throughout the years we have expanded into making espresso drinks from our batch roasted coffees, once again believing that whatever we do should be done extremely well. We have gone to great lengths to hire baristas who love our craft and love nothing more than to serve our customers something they love to drink. We love our coffee, and the vast amount of regulars you will find in a given day testifies that there are quite a few who love our coffee as well.


As roasters, growers and importers of premium specialty coffees, Jones Coffee Roasters has been sharing a passion for fine beans with consumers, retailers and wholesalers in the Pasadena area and beyond since 1994.
Our beans are carefully selected from around the world based on quality as well as sustainable farming methods, uncompromising commitment to the workers and sensitivity to the environment.


MICRO ROASTER OF THE YEAR [ Roast Magazine 2009 ]Since 1993, formerly known as Coffee Klatch, Klatch Coffee Inc. has been searching the world over for the finest coffee. Buying from only the top 1% of beans available, Klatch roasts in small batches to ensure optimum flavor and freshness. Mike Perry [ Roastmaster and Owner ] blends a background in chemical engineering with a love for great coffee to balance science and artistry in achieving the perfect cup.

Newhall Coffee

As the original Micro-Roaster in Los Angeles County, Newhall Coffee has earned a reputation as the freshest, highest quality coffee in the region.

Our coffee is made from the top 1% of Class 1 specialty coffee beans and is carefully hand-roasted in small ‘micro’ batches and delivered the day after we roast it to all our retailers, corporate clients and individuals.

Fresh coffee simply tastes better!

New Frontier

New Frontier Coffee is a full service micro coffee roaster delivering only the freshest premium grade 100% Arabica coffee for coffee houses, restaurants, and other commercial business nationwide.


At LAMILL we small batch roast all our beans on our own special order German Probat G60 commercial roasters. Not only are these the finest, state of the art machines, but it’s also cool to be able to say ‘German Probat G60’. We make the same investment in our staff, being sure to employ only most qualified and talented roasters. At LAMILL we understand how important roasting is to the final product. We don’t take any shortcuts… we don’t make any compromises. If a batch isn’t right, we take the time to do it over, even if it means missing the Lakers game. That’s what TIVO is for.


The First, The Only, and the Finest Italian roasted coffee in Los Angeles for the most refined palates. The rich tradition of Lillo Caffé started in 1934 with a micro roastery in Francavilla Fontana in the Province of Brindisi, South Italy. There, Chicco (bean) Mitrangolo began blending and roasting coffee with the silky texture and old world flavor that have become the roots of a full and flavorful coffee tradition.
To maintain the same quality, and rely on the experience of over 65 years, the beans are carefully blended by third generation coffee roaster, Francesco Mitrangolo. Mitrangolo roasts the beans locally, in the San Fernando Valley, and remains the only truely Italian coffee roaster in the Greater Los Angeles area.
While maintaining the old world practice, of selecting only the finest beans and adhering to the meticulous production of their product, the Mitrangolo family has grown with the times. Now, the up to date technology the family has introduced, allows them to conserve the full aroma of their coffee during the delicate roasting process. Their sophisticated Destoner, ensures the careful selection of only the finest beans. Discarding any beans that are broken, the Destoner avoids any possibility of altering the rich flavor Lillo Caffé has become famous for.
Roasted to perfection in an imported Italian roaster, there the beans are carefully packaged with modern material and technology so that the coffee is delivered to Lillo customers with it’s rich full flavor and freshness.

Supreme Bean

Roasting and blending fine coffees since 1996, the Supreme Bean extends that excellence to teas and other complementary products.
From bean to brew, the Supreme Bean offers an array of products to help make your coffee experience excellent and repeatable in your café, restaurant, home or office.

West Coast Roasting Co

Wherever it originated, our search for great coffee has led us to start our own small roasting company, with the goal of providing the best beans we can find, bar none; each batch slowly drum-roasted to its optimum level to allow the flavors to develop without obscuring the flavors of the coffee with that of the roast.

Zona Rosa

Coffee Roaster specializing in Latin Organic Coffee – Circa 1994 Retail Cafe -